Memorial Website Questions

What do I need to create a memorial site?

All you need to get started is your loved ones name and birthdate. The rest of the details, (date of passing, photo, obituary, event details) can all be added as you'd like once you land on the editor's view.


What does public or private mean in relation to my memorial site?

This refers to whether your memorial site can be found on search engines or not. If your site is private it will not appear in search engines if someone looks up your loved one's name. If your site is public this means that it will appear in search engines when someone is searching for your loved one's name.


How do I make my memorial site private?

When you enter the memorial website editor tool you will see the privacy setting just below the image in the right side column. From there you can use the toggle to choose between public or private. If you toggle left your account is private and cannot be found using search engines. If you toggle to the right the website is public and can be found through search engines.


How much does the memorial site with Farewelling cost?

Creating a memorial website on Farewelling is free. Farewelling may take a cut from any purchases made from our partners recommended on the site, but this is at no charge to you.


How long will my memorial site last?

Your memorial site will not expire, so you and your friends and family can return back to remember your loved on or even add more memories and events to the site ongoing. If this ever changes we will reach out with those details.


How does a virtual memorial service work?

Create a memorial service honoring your loved one since many of us cannot travel at this time. After you've decided on a memorial date and time, go to  and reserve the date with Happily and start the process. 


How much does a virtual memorial service with Happily cost?

A simple service is valued at $1,000 but is offered on a "pay what you can" structure to include those with financial hardship. Special services begin at $2,500 and will be determined based on a custom quote.



Can I make more than one memorial site on Farewelling?

Yes this is possible. The easiest way is to go to your main dashboard, click on memorials in the lefthand navigation, and choose "Create A Memorial". This will send you into the flow once again to onboard new information. You can always refer back to the Memorials section to toggle between the sites. 



Memorial Website Editor Questions

How do I turn off the accommodations or send flowers buttons? 

If you reference the modules for either the accommodations or Donations & Gifts section you will see a toggle, if you slide this toggle to the left, it will grey out and these buttons will no longer appear on you memorial website. 


Am I able to rearrange the photos uploaded into the gallery section? 

At this time you are unable to control the order of your photos in gallery, What we recommend is that you upload the photos in your preferred order. 


I'm trying to add a story but every time I hit submit it just spins and does not save, what's going on? 

If you are having issues saving a story you may not be including all of the required fields. Stories must include a title, description, name and relationship before it can be saved. 


Why is my site image being cut off?

This may mean that your image size in not the right dimensions. If you can try to resize to fit 610x50px dimensions.


Where can I add my virtual event link on the memorial website? 

There is actually a designated section within the events module to include a virtual link and any details associated. Once added this will appear in the events section the site. 


How do I delete a memorial website? 

If you click on "Memorials" in the left navigation and land on the memorials landing page. Next to the memorial you wish to delete there should be a gear to click. One of the choices at click will be delete. 


Account Questions

How do I delete my account entirely?

To entirely delete your account please send an email to