Making a Will with Online Resources


There are many reasons to have a will as a part of your Advance End of Life Plan (or Farewelling File, as we like to call it). Most experts pitch it as something you should do, but what if it were something you actively decided to do because it would help those you love so much in a difficult time?


The truth is, even if you don’t have a lot of assets, it’s just a great idea to make a will to spell out what’s what. Even if it’s not a complex estate plan, a simple will can eliminate confusion and arguments, and the process offers you a beautiful opportunity to think about your legacy and to  act with intention.


Luckily, there are a number of great online resources for making a will, and our editors have chosen three to share with you here. 


Three Online Sites for Making a Will


1. Trust & Will  is a solid place to start, with tools broken down clearly so you can figure out what you need. Along with wills and trusts, they specialize in guardianship (assigning someone to care for your children if needed). Prices are reasonable and they have chat help available to get you started.


2. LegalZoom has been around for awhile, and they have a deeper bench of products, including Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives (aka Living Will), and even an Estate Planning Bundle that includes multiple legal documents for your health care and your estate. They ask you to fill out a digital questionnaire, and then they pledge to “take care of the hard stuff” including filing paperwork so you don’t have to!


3. FreeWill is a newer player in the space, a smart startup with a simple mission--to help everyone make a will. For free! What’s not to like about that? We like that they focus in a more upbeat way on the whys of creating a will. “To be kind, to be thoughtful, and to be savvy.” The site is easy to navigate, and if you do find you should need a lawyer, they can help you with that too.


An End of Life Plan Is Much More Than a Will, and We Have a Wonderful Worksheet -- for Free!


When Should I Create a Will?

There is really no bad time to write a will, and a will is not just for money. It allows you to convey instructions and communicate wishes and messages. But as for when to make a will, some people are prompted to think about estate planning when one of the following life events happens:



Birth of a Child

Acquisition of Assets (Buying a Home, Financial Savings, etc.)

After the Death of a Family Member

After a Difficult Experience with Someone Else’s Will


More Resources for creating a will that’s right for you.