Farewelling Bespoke Services is the first of its kind. We're a planning agency that pairs funeral expertise with event production on a spectacular scale. A Bespoke Farewelling is a flawless event—or set of events—designed and realized with substance…and great style! We’re a small group with an extreme high level of expertise, and we can help you, from start to finish, with hosting an unforgettable funeral or memorial celebration, whether you're planning now or for the future.


Karen Bussen (left) and Elizabeth Meyer Karansky

Elizabeth Meyer Karansky, Licensed Funeral Director, offers advice and guidance for all the difficult parts, including connecting you with the right funeral providers* and helping you make decisions, while events expert Karen Bussen brings expertise and inspiration from years of producing parties for A-listers and luminaries of business, society and Hollywood. 


Together with their team, Karen and Liz would be honored to craft a truly one-of-a-kind send-off for your dear one—or for yourself if you're putting things together in advance.  We're all about a fabulous fête filled with beautiful, personal details that reflect the individual's values, preferences and style.


Fees for this service are provided upon request. The next step would be to contact us here. Then we can find out more and take next steps.  


*Just a note: Farewelling does not handle the disposition of the body, but we do help with connecting you to those professionals, saving your time and reducing your stress. We specialize in producing a celebration worthy of the singular life you’re honoring.