Des Moines, IA Funeral Homes

Funeral homes in Des Moines, IA are special. Here, they are mostly independently owned and that small-town feel comes through in these locations. The owners are professional and still compassionate. The care truly comes through. 

Top Funeral Homes In Des Moines, IA

Brooks Funeral Care

7975 University Blvd,

Hamilton's Funeral Home

605 Lyon Street,
Des Moines

Hamilton's Southtown Funeral Home

5400 SW 9th Street,
Des Moines

Henderson's Highland Park Funeral Home

3500 Sixth Avenue,
Des Moines

Iles Dunn's Funeral Home

2121 Grand Ave,
Des Moines

Iles Funeral Homes Grandview Park

3211 Hubbell Avenue,
Des Moines

Iles Westover Funeral Home

6337 Hickman Road,
Des Moines

Merle Hay Funeral Home

4400 Merle Hay Rd,
Des Moines

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