Kansas City, MO Funeral Homes

While known more for barbecue, jazz, and art, the funeral homes in Kansas City, MO are quite impressive. Here, there are a number of independently run locations. There is a vast array of options, whether you are looking for something small or large, modern or more traditional, you will likely find a welcoming location to suit your needs.

Top Funeral Homes In Kansas City, MO

Charter Funerals

5000 Blue Ridge Cutoff,
Kansas City

Longview Funeral Home & Cemetery

12700 S.E Raytown Road,
Kansas City

Muehlebach Funeral Care

6800 Troost Ave,
Kansas City

Newcomer's Floral Hills Funeral Home

7000 Blue Ridge Blvd,
Kansas City

Passantino Bros Funeral Home

2117 Independence Blvd,
Kansas City

Porter Funeral Homes and Crematory

1835 Minnesota Avenue,,
Kansas City

Skradski Funeral Home

340 N 6th St,
Kansas City

Souder Family Funeral Home

1333 NE Barry Rd,
Kansas City

Terrace Park Funeral Home & Cemetery

801 NW108th St.,
Kansas City

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