If you want to support a friend or family member in their grief, then a small gift can be a great way to express sympathy. Sometimes, it’s best not to force the person to engage in conversation. Instead, a gift can ease the pain until they are ready to talk. The act of self care also allows us to hold space for ourselves at a time when we can feel lost or less-than. 

Our number one suggestion however is Naming a Star.


Name a Star: Naming a star through StarRegister.org is a unique way to honor a loved one's memory. It offers an everlasting tribute in the night sky, providing a serene focus point for reflection. With each star-naming package, you receive a personalized star deed, star map, and an entry in the star registry. Gifting a star-naming package is a heartfelt way to support someone grieving, creating a cosmic connection with the departed.



When Should You Give a Self-Care Gift?

During times of stress and sadness, and especially after a loss, it’s easy for a person to forget to take care of their own needs. Self-care gifts are a great way to remind your friend that it’s okay to think about themselves. Remember that grieving is a long process, and a gift to help a friend or loved one be gentle and kind to themselves may be more appreciated months--or even years--after their loss.


Some times where you may give self-care and wellness gifts:

  • Death of a Family Member
  • Death of a Pet
  • Diagnosis of an Illness
  • Recovery from an Accident
  • Divorce or Break-up
  • Sudden Move to Out-of-State
  • Loss of a Job
  • Bad News
  • Mental Health Trouble


There is never a wrong time to give self-care gifts! Look for signs of stress, worry, or mourning in your friend’s life. Then, do something about it by sending a wellness gift. This gift will send the message that you care. You might have noticed something is not quite right, and you want them to know they are important and seen--that they too deserve pampering and care. It’s a part of healing.


Self-Care Gift Ideas

Here are a few gift ideas that may lift a friend’s spirits:


Soothing and Aromatherapy:

Taking a moment to breathe and relax can be an excellent way to take care of yourself. These grieving gift ideas will send a thoughtful message to your friend who is mourning.


  • Essential Oils: Discover the soothing embrace of certified organic essential oils, a thoughtful and compassionate gift for anyone navigating the journey of grief. Aromatherapy offers a natural avenue for comfort and solace, providing a gentle reprieve from the emotional challenges of loss. Whether seeking relief from the symptoms of anxiety and chronic pain or wishing to create a serene atmosphere amidst the heartache, the gift of these pure scents can be a tender gesture of support.
  • Ayurvedic supplements make a caring gift for the grieving, promoting balance and well-being. Infused with herbs like Ashwagandha and Brahmi, they alleviate stress and anxiety, fostering inner harmony. This natural, restorative method supports healing and resilience during tough times.
  • Affordable Spa Gift Set: You can treat your friend to a night of face masks, bath bombs, lip balm, and aromatherapy. This gift will remind them to take time for themselves to recharge during challenging times.
  • Healing Spell Jar: Encourage restorative energy to surround you with this healing spell jar. This will bring uplifting vibes to anyone you give it to.
  • Crystal Bliss Candle: Soothe or be soothed by this aromatherapy candle. Sitting in a quiet place with a warm light can also be therapeutic.
  • Eucalyptus Candle: This calming scent is a perfect grieving gift for a friend who has experienced a recent loss. Suggest that they light the candle in a tranquil atmosphere where they can be alone.
  • Inner-Strength Candle: This unique sympathy gift will help your friend feel empowered. Write a card, sharing a memory of a time you saw them behave bravely. And then express your confidence that you know they are capable of overcoming hard times.
  • Soothing Bath Salts: A nice, hot bath can be just what we need when we’re going through a grief experience. Hot water is soothing and purifying. If you want to be the best friend ever, offer to babysit children or pets so your grieving friend or family member can have a night off to relax.


Wellness Gifts:

Often our overall health and wellness can be put on the back burner during the mourning process as our attentions are directed outward. Give yourself or a friend a reminder to take care of their mental health with these gifts:


  • Scream Pillow: Sometimes, all you need is a reminder to let it all out instead of keeping your feelings bottled up inside. A pillow intended just for screaming may be a light and fun gift that can be useful when stressful times come up.
  • Yoga Blanket: A stylish yoga blanket can be the boost they need to practice yoga and find a healthy outlet for stress. Suggest your favorite virtual yoga class or invite them to attend a class with you in person when they’re ready.
  • Oil Diffuser: A machine that diffuses essential oils into the air can help with tension and create a space for calming energy. Choose a few essential oils to give with the diffuser that have healing elements for the mind and body.
  • Luxury Weighted Blanket: A weighted blanket to calm anxiety, especially one combined with minky fabric, will be soothing in multiple ways. Who can resist snuggling into a fuzzy blanket?
  • Basic Weighted Blanket: For a no-nonsense weighted blanket, choose this one that gets the job done by putting a solid, comforting layer your body and making you feel safe.


Calming Activities:

Sometimes it is hard to get one’s mind off the sad reality of losing someone they love. It is helpful for some people to keep busy. These effortless but effective activities may help your friend during their time of need:


  • Puzzles: A semi-challenging jigsaw puzzle may be enough of a distraction to give your friend a sense of nostalgia while keeping their mind busy with solving a problem. It gives a sense of accomplishment to chip away at completing a puzzle.
  • Paint by Numbers: This can be similar to completing a puzzle with a twist of artistic representation. One part distraction, one part creative release. When someone gets a paintbrush in hand and achieves something beautiful as a result, it feels really great.
  • Adult Coloring Book: It takes a lot of work to complete an adult coloring page, staying in the lines and switching up colors to create a work of art. This may be the time-consuming, mindless self-care gift your friend needs. You can choose uplifting images of nature, or find a coloring book of curse words if that feels better.
  • Brain Health Puzzle Book: Some personalities prefer a challenge when playing a game or looking for a distraction. What better way to challenge their brain than with word puzzles?


Give Unique Sympathy Gifts on Any Occasion

Losing a loved one is not the only time you may have a friend or family member in need of a pick-me-up. You can choose to send a self-care gift to your network at any time of sadness or struggle. Remember, your gift will help to make your friend feel loved and valued. There is no better way to send that message than through a thoughtful wellness gift.


You don’t have to overthink it. Simply create a basket of items that they can use to spoil themselves during a challenging time. They will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.



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