When you are ready to binge on a good TV show, it's nice to find something you can relate to. After losing someone you love, many TV shows don't seem to be fitting to your situation. Skip the shallow storylines and watch a show that resonates with your current circumstances.


Watching TV shows about death and dying might seem a bit more appropriate during this time. The insights about grief, death, and loss can be the perfect message you need to hear right now. These shows can lighten your mood and help you move through the emotions you are experiencing.


Pour your beverage of choice, pop some popcorn, and be ready for a tear-jerker. These are our top picks for TV shows about death:


Drama TV Shows about Death

A good drama brings in a variety of emotions - the ups and downs of various life experiences. When you are pulled into the overarching storyline of a drama, you feel the loss when a character passes away. Here are a few options if you enjoy dramas and want to watch a story about death and grief:


This Is Us

This multi-generational drama focuses on three children and the impact of their father's death across different times in their lives.

The program does an excellent job of showing how grief is not just a "now" emotion but will impact future experiences.


"You see, for days, I've been plagued by the question: how do I honor my father's legacy? Then I realized, I honor his legacy by taking what I learned from the way he lived his life and use it to shape the way I go on living mine." – Randall Pierson


Pushing Daisies

Ned has the ability to bring people back to life with one touch. He helps the police force with death investigations investigate using this skill. After bringing back his childhood sweetheart, Ned wants her to stay. The only problem is he can't touch her, or she'll be dead again.

This TV show is more on the lighthearted front, but also confronts not wanting to let go of a loved one.


Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey's father is dying of a terminal disease. She ends up with a superpower to hear people's thoughts through songs that only she can hear. This power becomes a tool for communicating and coping with the looming death of her father.


In season 1, they do a great job of showcasing a family's grief of a dying loved one and how it's handled differently by everyone. Every person is unique, which means there is no wrong way to work through the loss.


"Or maybe death is beautiful and spiritual and transcendent and sometimes a very necessary and very freeing escape from our physical bodies when they are no longer habitable." – Howie


Six Feet Under

This story follows a family in LA that owns a funeral home and showcases death through the family business. The dysfunctional family strengthens bonds and shares miseries through their ups and downs.


Tracy: "Why do people have to die?"

Nate: "To make life important. None of us know how long we've got, which is why we have to make each day matter."


13 Reasons Why

This drama dives into the death of a classmate who commits suicide and outlines the classmates' and family's responses to her death.

With sensitive content, this program conveys what people might think of you after you've died. It also helps you to rethink how to treat people with kindness while they're still living.


"I hope that wherever you go next, you feel peace [and] you feel safe in a way that you never did here." – Clay



Dr. House and his team tackle medical mysteries alongside, with the weaving of storylines from the patients and colleagues at the hospital. Dr. House struggles with an addiction to pain medicine as he uses his genius to help others.


Fear of death is a recurring theme in this TV show. Each patient visits Dr. House as their last hope of living.


Comedy TV Shows about Death

Lighten the mood by mixing a few chuckles amidst the tears. It can be helpful to infuse laughter into heavy storylines, which is why these comedy TV shows about death are popular:


The Good Place

Four people struggle in the afterlife and explore what it means to be good. Their differing personalities help the viewers to see that there is no black and white when it comes to good and bad. Good is present in everyone.


This TV show is a more lighthearted take on life after death and grief.


"All humans are aware of death. So we're all a little bit sad all the time. That's just the deal… but we don't get offered any other ones. And if you try and ignore your sadness, it just ends up leaking out of you anyway. I've been there. And everybody's been there. So don't fight it." — Eleanor


After Life

This dark comedy is about a man who loses his wife and decides to do and say anything he wants as revenge. He turns his hurt into punishment for everyone else that hasn't experienced a loss like him.


This show doesn't sugarcoat grief and is fitting if you want to feel the raw emotions of loss.



In a world where you can choose your own afterlife, humans upload themselves virtually into whatever life they choose after they die. Nathan dies and uploads himself into a luxurious life in Lake View just to find himself under the control of his living girlfriend.


This comedy about death shows how desirable life extravagances aren't always as blissful as they seem.


Dead Like Me

When a girl dies, instead of going to the afterlife, she becomes a reaper. Each episode highlights a death from the reapers' points of view, when she removes the soul just before the end.


Many different feelings and emotions span through this show including, comedy, grief, and longing.


"Maybe death was the temp job, and life was the vacation. A vacation you were supposed to spend with the people that you loved… with the people who loved you, and if life was that kind of vacation, what then? What would your last thoughts be then?" – George


Have you seen any TV shows about death that resonate with your experience in saying goodbye to a loved one? Try watching shows in different genres and styles to find the best entertainment you need for this chapter in life.