We’ve got two handy, nicely organized checklists to help you get started. 



Are you planning for yourself?

If so, come this way to find your checklist.


This checklist is for those who believe that thinking about--and planning for--end of life is part of living with intention and self-awareness, not to mention being helpful to family! We’ve organized the process into five sections to make it easier to navigate, and we'll walk you through it, one step at a time.






Are you starting a plan for someone else? 

If so, join us right over here.


If you’re helping to plan a future farewelling for a loved one or friend, first off, you’re amazing! Next, use this checklist to stay organized and track your progress. If you like, you can even download the Farewelling Worksheet, which includes the checklist and a place to write their wishes.



Exclusive, personal guidance through your farewelling journey.


If you’d like personal help planning for the future, contact Farewelling Bespoke Services.