What should you do with the ashes after the cremation of a loved one? These ashes are special – giving you a way to hold onto the memories of the years you spent together.


One of the most popular ways to cherish the memories is by creating a keepsake to hold the ashes. An ashes keepsake can range from a large decorative urn to a small piece of jewelry. If you want to keep your loved one close, then consider these options for a personalized ashes keepsake.


Ashes Keepsake Jewelry

One of the most popular choices is to encase a small portion of the ashes into a piece of jewelry:


  1. Necklace: Design this necklace for ashes, showcasing the heart that you literally wear on your sleeve. Or, pick a charm, teardrop, cylinder, diamond, or any other shape that encompasses the personality of your loved one.
  2. Thumbprint: A thumbprint charm is a perfect accessory on a ring, necklace, or bracelet. This design includes the fingerprint and a handwritten inscription. Even though you can no longer hold the person’s hand, this thumbprint is something you can carry with you wherever you go.
  3. Locket: Some cremation keepsakes come with a space you can fill with the ashes. For example, small cremation lockets come empty, and then you fill the heart with ashes (and memories) of your loved one. Here’s another design with a gold, floral locket, sweetheart locket, or a spinning locket.
  4. Handwritten Jewelry: Not only is this handwritten keepsake bracelet stylish, but it keeps the person’s name at the top-of-mind throughout the day. Or, consider a custom necklace that holds a piece of the person’s handwriting close to your heart. Handwritten rings offer another option if you prefer to wear jewelry without a chain.
  5. Engraved Jewelry: A variety of options are available if you want a piece of engraved jewelry. If you are looking for memorial keepsakes or a funeral keepsake, then an engraved piece is ideal since you don’t have ashes for the keepsake. Consider an engraved bracelet, pendant necklace, bar necklace, or toggle necklace.
  6. Cufflinks: Take the memories of your loved one to the next black-tie event. These customized cuff links are stylish treasures that any man in your life will enjoy.
  7. Dog Tags: Another way to hold an engraved token of your loved one near the heart is with customized dog tags. Pick a matching set to share with a group of friends or family members.


Keepsakes Cremation Urns

Choose a beautiful cremation urn to hold the memory on display in your home. Keepsake cremation urns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors:


  1. Modern Urns: Handmade, wooden urns that fit the décor in your home. Each piece from Boyce Studio is custom-designed, with a variety of materials and styles from which to choose. The top portion of the urn can hold a plant of your choice, with the remains in the bottom part of the vessel.
  2. Eternal Urns: They pride ourselves on the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail of all their products. Learn more here.
  3. White Marble Urns: The exquisite design of this marble urn has a luxurious, modern style. Since they create each urn using natural stone, no two urns are the same. Choose either stainless or gold trim to accent the stone.
  4. Cubed Urns: If contemporary is your style, then a Tungsten and Aluminum Cube Set is a great option to consider. These stylish cubes are perfect for offices, classrooms, co-working spaces, and homes. They look great on a shelf display or desk.
  5. Poplar Wood Urns: The handcrafted poplar wood design brings a warm, comforting tone into the room. Five sizes are available, including grain matching pairs if you need multiple urns to divide the ashes.
  6. Rosewood Urns: The intricate designs of a rosewood urn add a custom piece of decoration to your home. The tree of life reminds families that we are all connected, with generations of history to knit us together.
  7. Walnut Wood Urns: A simple yet elegant design with walnut wood creates a statement piece in your home. You can engrave the name or message of your choice into the walnut wood on the face of the urn.
  8. Ribbon Lacquered Urns: This design is inspired by black and white ribbons, creating a modern, geometric piece that inspires happy thoughts. It’s a hand-finished display item, with careful attention to ensure precision in the lacquering process.


Cremation Trees

When life ends, it is the beginning of a new life. Let the memory of your loved one live on in the form of a cremation tree. The ashes provide nutrients to support the growth of a new sapling. It will grow into a beautiful tree that you can plant in the yard or garden of your choice, giving you a place to visit where the memories are rooted.


  1. Tree Urn: Consider the option to create a living urn with an outdoor or indoor tree. This ritual is highly symbolic, focusing on the goal of perpetuating life.
  2. Eco-Friendly Urns: Roots is another company that makes eco-friendly urns made of coffee grounds. These beautiful keepsake urns offer a tribute in style, with unlimited potential for growth when placed in the ground.


Other Keepsake Items

The possibilities are limitless! Here are a few other cremation keepsake options to consider:


  1. Fireworks: Scatter the ashes in style by lighting up the sky with a personalized firework show. Heavenly Start Fireworks is a specialized company that makes fireworks from cremated ashes.
  2. Cremation Stones: Solidify the ashes into something you can hold onto for years. If ashes are uncomfortable, then Parting Stone can create a solid form of the remains.
  3. Photo Albums: Display the memories on your coffee table with a personalized photo album. A variety of styles are available, including memorial albums, family photo albums, memories albums, Book of Remembrance, watercolor Book of Remembrance, family history book, or family memoirs.
  4. Artwork: Commission a portrait of your loved one from an artist who mixes the cremated remains in the paint materials. These beautiful, personalized pieces will hang on your wall for years.
  5. Memory Boxes: These keepsake boxes hold the treasures you want to keep: a lock of the person’s hair, their wedding ring, or any other item that reminds you of your loved one. Various designs are available, such as an engraved keepsake box, rustic keepsake box, personalized wooden box, blessing/memories jar, or a vintage memory box.
  6. Vinyl Album: Was your loved one a music enthusiast? Then it’s fitting to capture their memory in a vinyl record. And Vinyly is a company that creates vinyl records from cremated ashes. Choose a recording or favorite album of your loved one as the soundtrack for the record.
  7. Gambling Urn: Capture the personality of a card shark in this unique gambling cremation urn. The decorative top will make you smile when you think about the person at the blackjack or poker table with a winning hand.
  8. Baseball Urn: Honor your favorite slugger with a baseball cremation urn. Not only does the bronze statue showcase the person’s favorite sport, but you can also choose a personalized message to engrave on the side of the urn.
  9. Cowboy Urn: For someone who loved the rodeo and open range, this cowboy cremation urn is a great way to hold onto the memories. The design includes a rope, hat, and boots – all the cowboy essentials.


There isn’t a right or wrong way to choose an ashes keepsake item. Select one keepsake urn to hold all the ashes, or share the memories with friends and family by splitting the ashes into multiple items of your choice.