Podcasts about Grief Are Becoming More Popular. 

Grief is hard. For decades, finding resources and support for the process of grieving was limited to reading books or to finding solace by talking directly with a therapist, friend or faith leader. But the rise of podcasts—and more specifically, podcasts about grief—has added so much (literally!) to the conversation around grief after a loss. 


Why Are Grief Podcasts Helpful?

  • First off, they’re available to you whenever and wherever you need them. You can listen at home or on a walk, or even while commuting. Bonus: wearing headphones is great when you don’t feel like talking to others.
  • Next, you may find community with other listeners who can actually relate to what you’re experiencing.
  • Also, there’s a wide variety of grief podcasts out there. Depending on your specific situation, you can find a podcast dealing with losing a child, a parent, or even a lover.
  • Some grief-themed podcasts are more therapeutic, while others focus on motivation or moving forward. You can find a podcast about loss that features doctors and experts, or one that incorporates humor as a coping tool. You may even find a combination of approaches and tones helpful at different parts of your grief experience, and that’s just fine.


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Finding a Good Podcast about Grief and Loss

Below we’ve put together a list of some shows we recommend. We hope one or more of them may help you along the way as you navigate loss and healing. 


Grief Out Loud

Produced by the Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families, host Jana DeCristofaro opens up with honesty about topics that are often avoided. Here you’ll find a mix of personal stories and tips for children, teens and yourself. We appreciate the comforting and supportive atmosphere that’s created in this audio safe space. 


Joyful Mourning

This podcast, hosted by Ashlee Profitt, is for women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. Ashlee herself experienced both a miscarriage and the painful loss of one of her sons. She hopes to help others in similar situations remember they are not alone and provide them with a comfortable space. Guests candidly share their stories in an attempt to help others going through similar difficult times. 


Build a Life After Loss

More motivational than others, this great podcast about grief aims to help listeners find purpose (and even joy) after a loss. The host, Julie Cluff, is a Certified Life Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist.  Listeners will find assistance navigating through and even discovering inner strength amid tough situations and circumstances. 


Mindfulness & Grief

Hosted by author and thanatologist (grief expert) Heather Stang, this practical yet philosophical grief podcast is in its fifth season. The goal: provide those navigating loss with mindful guidance to manage and process difficult emotions after the death of a loved one. 


Farewelling: The Podcast

While we don’t talk solely about grief, anyone interested in the subject would enjoy this podcast hosted by our very own Karen Bussen, often accompanied by Farewelling’s funeral and grief guru, Elizabeth Meyer Karansky. While there are plenty of serious topics discussed (and interviews with therapists, physicians, and thought leaders in the space), listeners can also enjoy honest and sometimes funny conversations with celebrities, experts, and regular people on everything from writing our own obituaries to memorializing our dear pets. 

The Grief Coach

After losing her father to cancer, Brooke James started this podcast on grieving to help remove the taboo around talking about death. She speaks with others about their own loss stories, hoping both to learn and to provide practical advice that relates to grief and end-of-life issues. Tip: you can catch our funeral and grief expert, Elizabeth Meyer Karansky, on an episode of The Grief Coach, too. 


This Too Shall Suck: A Fresh Perspective on Grief

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking for a modern perspective on grief. We are big fans of host Loryn Denise's upbeat personality, honesty, and ability to tackle tough questions. Having experienced grief first hand, Loryn empathetically connects with guests and candidly (and at times humorously) talks about topics that others struggle with.


What’s Your Grief?

Two mental health professionals discuss all aspects of life after loss. In each episode of the podcast, the hosts cover one topic, ranging from positive psychotherapy to how to navigate social media while grieving. The space is welcoming and even those not grieving themselves may benefit from listening. 


Stages of Grief: How to Cope with the Loss of a Loved  One


Where’s the Grief

This witty podcast about loss was created by comedian Jordan Ferber after he lost his 21-year old brother. While it can be challenging to find any humor on a podcast about dying, Ferber and friends manage to do it, even while interviewing others who have also experienced loss. 


Widow Cast: Widows Empowering Widows

This podcast is hosted by Joann Filomena, a life coach and widow herself. She aims to help other widows not only feel a connection and remind them they are not alone, but also provide guidance through difficult milestones and events. We love the candid tone of this podcast and the host’s ability to discuss sensitive topics that apply to so many, but are rarely discussed.


Check Out Some Grief Podcasts and Let  Us Know How It Goes

We hope you’ll give one of these grief podcasts—or another of your choosing—a try. Compared to visiting a therapist or even reading a book, listening to a podcast is easy! Plug in your headphones, press play, and open yourself up to a new conversation. Let us know what you think, or if you discover another great podcast to help with grief, write to us at info@myfarewelling.com. We may just tell the whole Farewelling community about it.